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Return and exchange Policy
(1).30 days no reason to return
Nike commitments from customers receipt ( receipt date ) the date of goods , for the sale of goods ( please refer to the following requirements ) are not satisfied, we will provide you " 30 days no reason to return " service .

1 ) no reason to return a few days unity is 30 days;
2 ) the product must be returned unused , unwashed , did not remove the product label tag, to meet the secondary sales ;

(2) non-human quality problems caused by the return :

A. Footwear : from the date of receipt within 90 days of non-human cause severe plastic, off the bottom, off with , section , off to help
B. Footwear : new shoes from the date of receipt within 90 days without passing through is not in pairs, shoes sizes
(3) The following circumstances shall not return :
Goods used improperly occasions, including but not limited to contact with damp material particular , chemicals , gasoline , paint , detergents , solvents, cooking oil , over heating, etc.
Due to external or internal hard objects abrasions and other causes wear off-line products , cracking Over the life of the product , resulting in damage
Due to damage caused by improper washing products
As the show cause discoloration of goods
Non- Nike products
Product appearance is not the net
Non- shop sold goods
Including but not limited to the above

(4) The return or exchange of goods because of quality problems in question has been damaged or have been used, please contact customer service.

(5) Date of customers to buy goods receipt date .

(6)Customer required to present a list of invoicing and shipping (with request an invoice if ordered ) .

(7) in the same price when shopping conditions return to customers.

Return Process
If you need your order for return, you can contact customer service with Nike .
Returns Processing cycle : 3 working days after the application has been accepted since returned.
Returned goods storage time : Estimated around 1-3 weeks.
Refund Method: shopping paid by bank card , the refund back into the bank card account ( see how to apply >> )